About Our Company

Agrimetrix is a Saskatoon-based company that specializes in agricultural sprays.  The company is made up of four people, with Tom Wolf and Brian Caldwell being the primary contacts with clients.  Tom and Brian have worked together in the spray business since 1989, giving them over 25 years experience in research and training across Canada and abroad. Some foreign markets for Agrimetrix including the US, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, and Europe.

One of our main interests is low-drift application methods. We’ve conducted research on the performance of low-drift sprays, looking at herbicide and fungicide efficacy, canopy deposition and penetration,and spray drift. We are interested in sprayer cleaning and safe pesticide waste disposal with biobeds. We are dedicated to environmental safety and work with regulatory agencies on risk assessments, drift models, and drift mitigation.

On the whole, we engage in research and training that furthers our collective goals of safer, more efficient, and more effective application of pesticides.

We have worked with virtually every application method available on the market and we maintain close connections to the industry to keep abreast of the newest developments.  We offer honest opinions based on our own experience with these products.

We offer a number of products and services, and chief among them is sprayer operator education. Our specialty is meaningful interactions with sprayer operators or other professionals closely tied to the application business.  We achieve this primarily through in-person presentations and spray demonstrations at events attended by producers.  We are known for our forthright answers to application questions.  Although some companies hire us to train in their product line, we do not sell other companies’ products.

We conduct training of operators through equipment dealers, input retails, diagnostic schools, and are available for presentations related to spray operation and related issues to any client group.

Through the Sprayers101.com site, we share information related to spraying of field crops, with an emphasis on western Canada, our base.